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Welcome to the website of the International MuOnline server.

Join us and get bonuses!
Easy start system-reset from level 300, as well as bonus experience for all new players!
Action-Come as a clan.
Special offer-Invite your friends.
General information


Stone Description

Castle Siege



Server Time : 



Skype: vp-sally
Discord: Join

Play with the clan

Dear Players, welcome to our server International MuOnline.

For clans that are transferred to us, the "Clan Transfer Bonus" promotion will be launched
The reward depends on the number of people in the transferring clan.

Application form:

1. Clan name.
2. Nick Clan Leader.
3. The size of the rolling clan.
4. Nicknames of players.

The bonus is credited to the clan:

8-12 people - 5 PB scrolls of 1 level + 1500 WCoin
13-18 people - 8 PB scrolls of 1 level + 2000 WCoin
19+ people - 10 PB scrolls of 1 level + 3000 WCoin
The bonus is awarded to the clan leader:

All clan leaders Pendant + 3 options to choose from.
8-12 people - Premium Account for a week.
13-18 people - Premium Account for 2 weeks.
19+ people - Premium Account for a month.

Under the conditions that:

1. Each player has at least 15 resets.
2. Each player has a unique hwid and ip address.

Bonuses to clans will be issued when all clan members reach 5 resets.

Leave applications below in this thread.

Posted 18 / 10 / 2020 By Xenus

Currently this is only one server.