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x50 OPEN 23.10.2021


Midgard x200

Coming Soon

Helhiem x1000

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Skype: vp-sally
Discord: Join


Phoenix x50 is launched!

Phoenix x50 is launched.
The administration wishes all players a pleasant game.

You can ask questions on our channel in discord or on the forum.
You can find basic information about the server in this topic
You can report the bug on our channel in discord or in this section of the forum
Do not forget to invite friends, there is a special offer that you can read in this topic

Posted 23 / 10 / 2021

Helhiem x1000 is launched.

Helhiem x1000 is launched.
The administration wishes all players a pleasant game.

You can ask questions on our channel in discord or on the forum.
You can find basic information about the server in this topic
You can report the bug on our channel in discord or in this section of the forum
Do not forget to invite friends, there is a special offer that you can read in this topic

Posted 20 / 06 / 2020

Invite a friend Helheim x1000

As you know, about 40% of advertising and online depends directly on the players and their trust in the project.
We are here to set a new bar for quality and stability and we will not evaporate in the face of any problem, so we hope that You will support us and help us develop. Each of you can now make a little effort to play in the future, surrounded by a lively and colorful crowd of MU'shnikov. Of course, this will not be the only reward for your efforts - those who succeed in inviting new players to the server will receive generous rewards! We will discuss what exactly needs to be done and what the bonus amount will be.

1. You need to put the text of the status (mood) on Skype with text:
Waiting for opening on https://imu.su 

You're really waiting, aren't you? 

2. send a message to the conference: 
Create a conference with your friends and let them know about this wonderful event. Well, if a friend was suddenly ... not happy with your invitation, then drive him away! Mock him! International is not a place for weaklings! The text of the invitation will come up with yourself, but you must have a link to our site.

3. Minimum number of contacts and prizes:
Of course, the effectiveness of your actions can be different, from completely zero to completely effective. But we will not be meticulous about who came and who did not, and just give out prizes depending on the size of the created conference: 

Conference from 30 + contacts - 200 W Coins
Conference from 100 + contacts-500 W Coins
The only condition is that the conference should not be fake or created using any third-party services. It should consist entirely of your personal contact list! 

4. Leave the questionnaire according to the template: 
Game nickname.
Link to a screenshot of the status.
Link to the screenshot of the conference.
Screenshots are sent in private messages Xenus on the forum or in the discord, you can also leave in this topic.
The contest will run until June 28. W Coins will be credited if all criteria were met.

Posted 19 / 06 / 2020

Open Helheim x1000 server

Everyone is invited to test the new Helheim x1000 server.
The server is scheduled to open on 20.06.2020 after 17: 00.

If you already have an International account, just download the game client.

Basic information about Helheim: 
Version Season 15 ep1 part2
Experience x1000 downgraded to X50 by 100 reset
Master Experience x50
Drop 50%
Poetry for reset: 400
Points for the Grand Reset: 10000 

Account registration - https://imu.su/registration
Download the full client(1300mb) - MEGA, GDrive, Download from our website
Download client without sounds(930mb) - MEGA, GDrive, Download from our site

There are two different Launchers in the client folder. The main launcher launches the game with a stable update that is not recognized as malware. Launcher_v2 can be used to reduce the load on the PC, but your antivirus must be disabled or the client folder added to the antivirus exceptions.

Channel in discord https://discord.gg/nEshG82
Schedule of events

Server features: 
[Hot]Added the ability to zoom in and out of the camera: F3, F4 keys
All items have improved characteristics and requirements.
Rune Wizard, can use some of the things DW, Slayer and Summoner have common sets.
Stones are sold to the store for 0 Zen.
The post is available to everyone after level 50, the cost is 5,000,000.
Costume jewelry falls in the Event Imperial Guard.
The socket system has 8 Seed Sphere levels.
Level requirement for all characters to move between locations 10.
Changed the power of mobs in all locations. Locations are arranged in order of increasing mob strength.
The Lost Tower location is enhanced and is a transitional location between Tarkan and Icarus.
Reconnect added.
Experience in the party 80% regardless of the number of participants and character classes
There is no master experience in the party.
When Zen rises in a party, they are divided among its participants.
All character classes are available on the new account.
Bows and crossbows don't waste arrows.

[Hot] Added a new Event " Stay Alive"
[Hot] Added a new Event " Horse Race"
[Hot] Added an Extreme option
[Hot] Unique options for your Pets
[Hot] PvP options for all things
[Hot] Changed the element system, pentagrams have 5 ranks
[Hot] Changes in character formulas
[Hot] Added anti-class system
[Hot] Arca War winners get a unique Buff
[Hot] Added a Power Buff system that increases the characteristics of your character
[Hot] System is offline leveling
[Hot] Additional BC/DS/CC stages have been introduced
[Hot] New Event Labyrinth Of Dimension
Managing Party members

Changes To Castle Siege: 
Buttons are pushed out of the corners.
Protection from the crown is removed only if the attacking Guild's GM is near it.
Seconds are accumulated during registration.
If the connection to the corona is lost, the GM loses 5 accumulated seconds.
If the GM is not in the throne room, he loses 1 accumulated second every 10 seconds.

Seal of Wealth in addition to experience gives the following bonuses: 1591530542830. png 
+50% drop Zen
+5% to cooking success for any combination in the chaos machine 
the post does not require Zen and has no delay 
available command /pkclear-cost 50kk*reset, maximum cost 1.5 KKK
if a character is killed during offekspa he will receive an email with the nickname of the killer 

Available commands: 
/time-displays the current server time
/offtrade-offline trading
/offexp-offline pumping
/pk-check the number of kills and the remaining time to clear 
/pkclear-clearing the PC status (only when the Seal of Wealth buff is active) 
/clear-clearing inventory 
/reset-character reset
/greset-Grand reset 
/ dc Name password-character's discount
/addagi /addene /addstr /addvit-quick point distribution

Posted 19 / 06 / 2020


Players now have the opportunity to help the server.You can replenish your WCoins account in your account.

Posted 18 / 02 / 2020


New class Slayer
Slayer - girls whose power and strength admired all the warriors of the MU continent. They used only the heaviest and deadliest weapons, were cruel and never allowed the enemy to retreat.
Mu Helper and Offexp
MuOnline takes care of the time of its players. Set up the auto-fight function: the character will pump himself, not forgetting to use consumables - runes and scrolls for experience.
Unique battles and bosses
Battles and boss campaigns drain, exhaust and give a feeling of delight after a victory (if you manage to get it)
Hold and defend Castle
Part of the PvP content for clans. Owning a castle brings a number of advantages to the clan (tax revenue, unique location, items, bosses)
Currently this is only one server.

Welcome to the International MuOnline server site.

Join us and get bonuses! The opening of the server is scheduled for 23.10 at 18-00 UTC+3 time.
The server is nearing completion of development and we are ready to start OBT. Everyone is invited to test the server. The beta test will last 3 weeks, after which the database will be reset and the Phoenix server will start. (More details here) .
General information


Stone Description

Castle Siege