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Phoenix x30 OPEN


Midgard x200

Coming Soon

Helhiem x1000

Coming Soon

Welcome to the website of the International MuOnline server.

Join us and get bonuses!
Easy start system-reset from level 300, as well as bonus experience for all new players!
Action-Come as a clan.
Special offer-Invite your friends.
General information


Stone Description

Castle Siege



Server Time : 



Skype: vp-sally
Discord: Join


Easy Start

For all players below 20 reset, an easy start system has been introduced. There is also a bonus experience system for all players who lag behind the top.
1 RES from level 300
2 RES from level 305
3 RES from level 315
4 RES from level 320
5 RES from level 325
6 RES from level 330
7 RES from level 335
8 RES from level 340
9 RES from level 345
10 RES from level 350
11 RES from level 355
12 RES from level 360
13 RES from level 365
14 RES from level 370
15 RES from level 375
16 RES from level 380
17 RES from level 385
18 RES from level 390
19 RES from level 395
20 RES from level 400

Posted 22 / 11 / 2020


Players now have the opportunity to help the server.
You can add funds to your WCoins account in your personal account.

Posted 12 / 11 / 2020

Phoenix x30 OPEN

Phoenix x30 launched.
The administration wishes all players a pleasant game.

You can ask questions on our discord channel or on the forum.
You can get acquainted with the basic information about the server in this topic
You can report a bug on our discord channel or this forum section
Do not forget to invite friends, there is a promotion that can be found in this topic

Posted 24 / 10 / 2020

Invite friends

Invite friends and get 20% of the amount of their help to the server.
You can get a referral link in your personal account on the website.


As you know, about 40% of advertising and online depends directly on the players and their trust in the project.
We are here to set a new level of quality and stability and we will not evaporate in the face of any problem, so we hope that you will support us and help us in development. Each of you can now make a little effort to play in the future, surrounded by a lively and colorful crowd of MU's. Of course, this will not be the only reward for your efforts - generous rewards await those who succeed in inviting new players to the server! What exactly needs to be done and what the amount of the bonus will be will be discussed below.

1. You need to put the status (mood) text on Skype with the text:
I'm waiting for the opening at https://imu.su

You are really waiting, right?

2. Send a message to the conference:
Create a conference with your friends and inform them about this wonderful event. Well, if a friend suddenly turned out to be ... not happy with your invitation, then chase him! Make fun of him! International is not a place for weaklings! You will come up with the invitation text yourself, but there must be a link to our site.

3. Minimum count. contacts and prizes:
Of course, the effectiveness of your actions can be different, from completely zero to quite effective. But we will not meticulously figure out who came and who did not, but simply give out prizes depending on the size of the conference created:

Conference from 30+ contacts - 200 W Coins
Conference from 100+ contacts - 500 W Coins
The only condition is that the conference must not be fake or created using any third-party services. It should consist entirely of your personal contact list!

4. We leave the questionnaire according to the template:

Game nickname.
Link to the status screenshot.
Link to a screenshot of the conference.
Screenshots are sent to Xenus private messages on the forum or in the discord, you can also leave in this thread.
The competition will run until November 7. W Coins will be credited if all criteria have been met.

Posted 18 / 10 / 2020

Play with the clan

Dear Players, welcome to our server International MuOnline.

For clans that are transferred to us, the "Clan Transfer Bonus" promotion will be launched
The reward depends on the number of people in the transferring clan.

Application form:

1. Clan name.
2. Nick Clan Leader.
3. The size of the rolling clan.
4. Nicknames of players.

The bonus is credited to the clan:

8-12 people - 5 PB scrolls of 1 level + 1500 WCoin
13-18 people - 8 PB scrolls of 1 level + 2000 WCoin
19+ people - 10 PB scrolls of 1 level + 3000 WCoin
The bonus is awarded to the clan leader:

All clan leaders Pendant + 3 options to choose from.
8-12 people - Premium Account for a week.
13-18 people - Premium Account for 2 weeks.
19+ people - Premium Account for a month.

Under the conditions that:

1. Each player has at least 15 resets.
2. Each player has a unique hwid and ip address.

Bonuses to clans will be issued when all clan members reach 5 resets.

Leave applications below in this thread.

Posted 18 / 10 / 2020


New class Slayer
Slayer - girls whose power and strength admired all the warriors of the MU continent. They used only the heaviest and deadliest weapons, were cruel and never allowed the enemy to retreat.
Mu Helper and Offexp
MuOnline takes care of the time of its players. Set up the auto-fight function: the character will pump himself, not forgetting to use consumables - runes and scrolls for experience.
Unique battles and bosses
Battles and boss campaigns drain, exhaust and give a feeling of delight after a victory (if you manage to get it)
Hold and defend Castle
Part of the PvP content for clans. Owning a castle brings a number of advantages to the clan (tax revenue, unique location, items, bosses)
Currently this is only one server.